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by Lillyflower72 ©

When she looked around she noticed that everyone else had disrobed and she almost ran from the room. Her husband caught her with surprising speed and grace. He mounted her with his left hand holding both of hers tightly above her head so she couldn’t attempt escape again. He bent down and whispered in her ear that this is what she had wanted and that she was going to get it no matter if she had changed her mind or not. He moved up and roughly shoved his throbbing cock into her. She, from all of the nervousness was not wet and it hurt her terribly, she cried out for him to stop but he was not in a state of mind to hear her cries. He thrust himself into her harshly. Telling her what a bad girl she was for changing her mind and that she would be punished for it. Through her tears she begged him to stop, telling him to give her a minute and she’d come around. He wouldn’t let her go. He kept fucking her not caring what she was saying. It was like he had forgotten about everyone else in the room. When she looked at them they were all enjoying what was happening to her. They liked to watch her husband do this and she knew that they were just waiting for their turn. She closed her mind to what was going on and thought of better things. Things she knew would turn her on and let her perform the way they wanted her to do. Her pussy began to get wet with her thoughts and she started to move with her husband liking the feel of his dick in her now, wanting more of it. She looked up at her husband angrily and saw a smile of triumph on his face. She wanted to wipe that smile from him. She wanted to show him just what a dirty whore she could be and make his arrogance disappear. She beckoned to the other men to come to her. They all quickly came to the bed. All of their dicks throbbing from the spectacle they had watched. She moved away from her husband and commanded one of the men to lay down. She mounted him and put his dick deep in her pussy. She loved the feel of this strange cock in her and she began to fuck him hard. She beckoned for another one of the men and as he came up to her on his knees she took his dick into her mouth. Sucking him down deep in her throat, loving the taste of his dick in her hot mouth. The other two men came up on each side of her and she took both of them into her hands, jacking them both off and rubbing them on her tits. She felt her husband come up behind her. He placed his cock in her ass more gentle than he had her pussy and began to fuck her again. She loved the feel of his dick in her ass while the other man fucked her cunt. The feel of both their dicks in her drove her wild. She paid attention to every man there. Moving to take each one into her mouth or hands while she was getting fucked by her husband and the other man. After awhile they moved so the others would have a chance at her. She loved the feel of all their dicks inside her. Using her to bring them pleasure. Turning her around and fucking her in every way imaginable. She loved all the attention they gave her. She loved when they would take their cocks and rub them all over her body, using her in every way to get off. When they all had taken as much as they could and could no longer hold off. Her husband went back inside her ass and the first man back in her pussy. While again she took one in her mouth and two in her hands. She heard all of them begin to moan louder and knew they were all going to cum. She felt her husband and the other man give their final thrusts and felt them both explode in her at the same time. She loved to feel both of them cum inside of her and began to cum herself with the feeling. She felt the hot liquid of the man in her mouth go down her throat and she loved the taste of him. She sucked him hard to drain him of every bit of cum. The other two came all over her body. She felt it hit her and she moaned loudly. The feeling of their cum dripping down her body sent her into pure ecstasy. After they were all spent they got up got dressed and left. She still laid on the bed with their sperm running down her. After they had all gone she looked to her husband. All of his arrogance of before was gone from him. He looked at her as if she were a different person. He told her to go clean up and she obliged. When she came back he patted at the spot on the bed beside him. She lay down and he came to her and kissed her gently on the lips. He told her that she had been wonderful tonight. She smiled at him, happy to have pleased him so.

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