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My Slut Wife
by Foxe-Male

I quickly crawled up between her legs and drove my six inches as deep as I could get it. She had driven me to quite a sexual frenzy and she had become quite aroused. I pumped her hard and fast and she met my every thrust. "Oh yes!" she purred. "Oh yes!"this time a little louder. I knew she was close as I slowed down but thrust harder. "Fuck me hard!" "Fuck me hard, hard, real hard Bill!" She came in convulsions and I shuttered to a terrific orgasm as I filled her with my seed. 'Bill?' "Who the hell is Bill?' I thought to myself, but I was in too much bliss at the moment to mind. My name, by the way is John. The next morning I awoke to find Cyndie in the shower already and my coffee was on my night table. 'Bless her heart,' I thought as I sat up to greet her on her exit from the ensuite. I stood up as she reached over and grabbed my boxer and pulled them down to my knees. I was shocked as she sat me back down on the bed. "Cyndie," I pleaded. "You know I'm not a morning person." I'm not. It's very unlikely for me to get a full erection in the morning. I have no problem the rest of the day, but not first thing. "I know!" she said as she looked me right in the eyes. "This is a test to see if you really do want me to --fuck-- another man." I don't know if it was what she said or the way she said it, but I could feel my cock begin to stir. She lowered her gaze to my limp manhood as she continued. "Johnny," she purred. "Would you like for another man to feel my hard nipples?" She dropped the towel that was covering her and she began to rub her erect nipples. My cock started to stiffen. "Would you like another man to lick and suck on my titties?" She lowered her hand to her trimmed snatch and spread her lips with her fingers, exposing her enlarged clit. "And touch my --hot spot--?" she purred as her scent filled the room. My erection was at it's full and she knew this, but she continued. "And plunge his large cock into your wifes' honey pot, Johnny?" My cock had become so hard that it was beginning to hurt. Drops of precum were begining to run down my hardened shaft. Cyndie could see the results of her of her test as she went in for the kill. "And fill me with his cum, which I will either wipe out or leave for you to enjoy as you lick me clean." She leaned over and grasps my harden manhood and with one stroke I came. "You past the test!" she exclaimed as I threw her onto the bed and rattled her bones until she came. Of course I was late for work that day and didn't give much thought to what had happened in bed of late until I got a call from Cyndie that afternoon. "Hi Johnny," she started. "I'm going to be a little late home from work tonight. I've got something to do after work and I think that you'll be pleased. Now answer me; wipe or do you want to taste him on me?" She giggled. 'Who? What? Where? When?' I thought as all I could mumble, "And with who?" My stomach felt strange as I asked. Kind of fluttery. "Bill! A guy from work! I'll tell you about it later. O.K.? Are you sure you don't have a problem with this...right??" "Well...How late are you going to be and will you be safe...I mean... this seem all of a sudden. How well do you know this guy?" I was stammering. I didn't mean to be, but I was flustered. "Oh silly." she said. "I'll be alright. He's just a guy from work who wants to --fuck-- your wife. He lives alone and I figured the time was right to try it and see if we like it. O.K.?" "O.K.," was all I could mumble as she hung up the phone. Needless to say the rest of the afternoon dragged on. My mind wasn't on my work at all. I could only think of my wife with some unknown man. I arrived home by 6:00 PM. I checked the phone to see if anyone, well, if Cyndie had left a message. 'Hmm, no messages ,' I thought as I checked the computer for e-mail messages and found the same. I changed into something more comfortable and sat down in front of the television and wait for my wife to return. It seemed an eternity when I heard Cyndie's car pull in the drive. I thought I would have a hard-on that would match a horse, but I was limp. I felt guilty that I had thrown my wife into another man's arms. She opened the door and met my gaze with a smile. She looked vibrant and alive. Her hair was messed and her make-up was a mess, but she looked better than I have seen her look in years. Her eyes were on fire as she crawled out of her dress. Her panties were torn at the crotch and her pussy was totally bear. I could smell sex in the air. Her breast were bruised and I could detect bite marks around her nipples which were still very erect. She took my hand and led me to our bed. She stopped me as we neared the edge and she sat down in front of me. She removed what was left of her panties and tossed them to the side. "I didn't wipe my pussy clean , Babe! I left that for you to do as I tell you all about it! O.K.?" With that she spread her leg to expose her stretched, sodden pussy. As I dropped to my knees I looked at her pussy oozing a mixture of her and his cum. My cock began to harden. "Oh Bill is soooo large!" she said all of a sudden. "Just who is this Bill I'm licking up after anyways?" I said as I inserted my finger into her wet pussy. "I told you!" she said. "He's a young guy from work that was just dying to get into my pants, so I let him. It made me feel so young to have a twenty-two year old. He said that I was in pretty good shape for a thirty year old," she added with a laugh. Cyndie was thirty nine, mind you she did look much younger that her years. "Your pussy looks stretched and sore. This Bill must be pretty well hung," I said as I inserted my tongue into her used pussy. Cyndie grabbed the back of my head and ground her wet snatch against my face. My tongue couldn't move fast enough to catch all the seeping fluid and it smeared all across my face. "Oh God Yes!" she exclaimed as she was nearing another orgasm. "And that boy sure knows how to use it." Her thrusts against my face were almost knocking me out. She came in a shutter as she pulled me so close that she buried my nose into her snatch. I had almost lost consciousness when she released me and let me come up for air. I must admit that the smell of her pussy and the taste really turned me on. I couldn't wait to bury my manhood into her. I believe most of my excitement was because of her excitement. Regardless of what I had thought as I was waiting for her to return, I truly wanted her to fuck this Bill again. I had seen something awaken in my wife that I have not seen for many years and was not about to let this slip away. I awoke the next morning and again Cyndie was in the shower and at my bedside table was my coffee, 'Bless her heart.' Cyndie came out of the ensuite, this time she had on sexy lingerie and stockings. I now saw her sexy body in a different light, now that I was sharing her with another man. She did have a figure of a thirty year old and also the desire. "Don't wait up for me tonight," she said as she slipped on a short dress. "Billy wants to see me tonight. O.K.? I"ll wake you when I get home." She pecked me on the cheek and 'left, early?, for work?' As I drove to work I thought about how things have worked out. I guess that now I have made my bed and I would have to make the best of things to come. We have chosen a new path for our sex lives and for now it seems to get us where we want to be at. Cyndie has enough stamina to please me and any of her others so what the hell. She's one wicked lady.

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