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My Sweet Wife
by raj_2506

I am an average built guy about 5'-8" tall and not bad looking and I thought we had a great sex life ( atleast that's what I thought until some time ago). During sex we used to do a lot of things like watching porno movies together, talk about fantasies, and the best thing for me is to watch her masturbate. I still love that and to make it more interesting we even had a one way mirror on a common wall between our 2 bedrooms in our flat. In our room was the mirror and in the other room (which I had converted into my study) was a picture frame which could be opened like a shutter so that everything could be seen in our bedroom. So sometimes after dinner I used to go for a walk alone downstairs and my wife would put on a porn film in our bedroom., then after sometime I used to come into the house with my key and sneak into my study, open the frame shutter and see my wife watch the film and then when she gets hot see her masturbate . Later when I used to completely turned on I used to go to our bedroom and have sex with my wife. ..infact by that time she used to be so hot that you can say that she used to have sex with m quickly, she never said anything but I always thought that she would have liked to have more. I never thought about why I liked to see my wife masturbate, then one day it s not just that I like to see her masturbate, but I like to see her pleasure herself looking and thinking about other men. I thought I was crazy but after reading IndianPassion Stories I came to know that there are other people too who liked such things. It is also because you know your wife so well in all aspects (physical and mental)that you tend to automatically visualize her with other people and also my wife is a very sexy woman and I think I am lucky to have her. I had never expressed these feelings to shweta, atleast I thought I never would until one day I was to go to Bangalore on business. I was to take the evening flight and return within a couple of days. Our driver kumar was supposed to drive me to the airport. My wife said she also wanted to go to her friends place and then on to shopping and said they would drop me off first at the airport. When we left shweta was looking gorgeous. She was wearing a maroon chiffon saree and a short sleeved matching blouse. She was also wearing dark lipstick and nail polish. She was looking elegantly sexy. On top of that her beauty was enhanced by her fingerings and a small diamond in her nose and she had a very sexy perfume on.. Her fair complexion was an absolute contrast to saree colour. I wanted to fuck her then and there. When I was getting of at the airport I would call her when I reached Bangalore and I wanted to listen to her while she masturbates. She gave a very horny smile when she left. After getting off, I was just going to check in when I received a call on my cell that the trip was postponed until later date. I was pretty happy about it. I was just about to call shweta on her cell and inform her about it, but I stopped and I thought I would surprise her by waiting for her at our house. So I took the taxi home. I would have to wait atleast a couple of hours as she was out shopping wnd do some work. .In about 15 minutes I heard the door open I was surprised as to how come shweta is back so soon. I opened the door slightly and saw through the crack. Shweta came in with kumar , our driver , and both seemed to be in a hurry to come in. as soon as they were in kumar closed the door and bolted it from inside and held shweta from behind and started kissing her neck and started feeling her breasts. I was enraged and was going to go out and get him and the situation straightened out until I saw shweta turn around and kiss him back passionately. I was in a state of shock and didn't know what to do. It was pointless to do anything as my loving wife was involved in this too. In all this rage and shock I got a bit turned on and closed the door quietly and sat down. I couldn't believe this was really happening. My all time fantasy right in front of my eyes. So I said to myself Fuck It and opened the picture frame shutter. In about 2 minutes both were in the bedroom. Kumar was a young man in his early 20's. He was from north India and had come to Bombay a year back looking for work. He was referred to us through a common friend and that's why I had hired him as our driver. He was 6' ft tall, had thick curly hair and was pretty heavily built with broad shoulders and a hairy body. He was a big guy. They came in to the bedroom and started kissing hungrily and he started to undress my wife.and removed her saree . I couldn't believe that my 32 yr old wife was going to get fucked by a lot younger guy and someone other than her husband. She was now in her skimpy black bra and panty and she looked amazing. He looked so big in front of her. He later untied her hair knot and her long hair came flowing down over her shoulders. I had started to rub my dick by now. He then removed her bra and started to caress her tits and pinched her pink nipples which became firm and erect. I couldn't hear them but I was sure that she was moaning out loud. He moved on to suck shweta s nipples and his hand was in her panties. That's n his fingers were big and thick. His middle finger looked like a small dick in her tight pussy. She could not take it anymore and started to unzip his trousers and take them down. Meanwhile he had taken off his t shirt. What I saw next was amazing. Shweta pulled his underwear down and his rock hard cock sprung out at it s peak. It made me feel so jealous and inferior that I stood up with my eyes almost falling out. He was almost twice as thick and long as I am. Shweta was not at all surprised at looking at his cock size and that meant that they had been fucking for quite some time now. Anyway I had almost cum by now. The next 1 hour was electrifying for all of us. They sucked and fucked each other dry. He spread her pussy lips wider with his cock like never before. They fucked in all kinds of positions with shweta teaching kumar a lot. Once he even stood up and lifted her up with her legs wrapped around him with his cock in her pussy. He was strong. He lasted longer than I could ever think of. I had cummed twice by now. After they had finished they lied in bed like lovers with her fair and slender fingers playing with his limp dick, which was even bigger than my hard on size. He then got up kissed her passionately and left. I had hated them for what they had done to degrade themselves and insult me. I wanted to fire him. After kumar had left I got up and went to our bedroom and just stood there right in front of my naked cumm filled wife. She was shocked and scared. She said she was sorry and started crying and then I took her in to my arms and smiled at her. Later I told her that it is ok and she cant ever do it again and if she ever wants to do it she has to do it with me watching her fuck. She readily agreed and with that I jumped on her. Kumar still fucks my wife and I watch them from the study without kumar knowing it. But this has been getting a little monotonous and I am thinking of firing him. Shweta and I have agreed to get involved with a couple to enjoy some changes sometimes in a very discreet waut there who would be interested genuinely.

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