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Anal Experiment
by innocent lover ©

I've always thought I get pestered for anal sex because I have a sexy ass, but Angela remarked that just having a nice ass wouldn't explain the number of times I've actually done it. She commented I was most likely letting guys fuck me in the ass because I wanted it- that on some level I enjoyed anal sex and sent unconscious hints to my boyfriends that they should do it to please me. I thought she was crazy and we ended up in a playful argument about her casual diagnosis of my sex life. Angela is a first year university student and I teased her about "psyche 101 rearing its ugly head" and she responded by saying, "well I'm not the one who's taking it in the rear all the time." It was a good comeback, but I offered to settle the argument with an experiment. We had some fun that night dreaming up experiments to see who was really perverted- the guys I dated or me. We thought of a number of methods to test our theories and decided finding an anonymous guy on the Internet would be the best way to go. That way he would be a man I've never met before, and he wouldn't know any of my ex-boyfriends (eliminating the possibility that I was getting fucked in the ass because they were telling everyone how good it was). The Internet would also have the advantage of an equal playing field- we could both go out with the same guy and compare notes. It was very simple to do. We set up accounts on an Internet dating service and wrote two very similar ads (with no references to anything perverted). We then cruised through the descriptions of guys in our area and agreed on which ones we liked. We narrowed it down to three. They were all gorgeous, but we finally decided on a guy with deep brown eyes and a muscular body. At this point our little 'experiment' was just an excuse to be total sluts, but we didn't care. It was fun. Arranging our date was like setting up any other appointment- only this was for sex with a very hot guy! Angela went out with him first because she said it was still entirely possible that I was the one turning normal men into anal freaks and she didn't want to deal with a guy after I had worked him into a frenzy. I told her that was fair enough, and as a consolation if he turned out to be a total loser I wouldn't have to go out with him at all. Angela had a great time on her date. The guy's name was Glen and she said he was very sexy. They had an incredibly romantic evening with a walk in the park, dinner at an expensive restaurant, and then they went back to his place for drinks. It took some grilling to get the details out of her, but they made love all night in front of his fireplace- and he showed no interest in anal sex. She said I was lucky we were best friends or she would have abandoned our experiment and made him a steady boyfriend. I was very excited and I couldn't wait for my date with Glen. Angela had given me all the details- and knowing he had an experienced tongue and a lot of stamina made my imagination run wild. Three whole days later my date started out very similar to Angela's, but we didn't go to a fancy restaurant. He suggested catching a movie and unfortunately we only had time to eat a quick burger before the show. I was a little bit disappointed he wasn't as romantic as Angela had described, but I still had a good time. The movie was nice and afterwards he invited me over for a drink. My pussy tingled with anticipation when I saw his fireplace but he suggested getting some fresh air. The view from his balcony was breathtaking and it wasn't long before we were kissing passionately right there in the open. As we kissed we took off our clothes and I remembered Angela had told me he'd asked her to deep throat him. I didn't wait to be asked and I'm proud I was able to take the whole thing and make him come in my mouth. He went down on me after I swallowed his load and I found out what Angela had been most excited about. Glen's tongue was amazing and I had a very intense orgasm. Then while my body still wasn't finished convulsing he spread my legs and fucked me missionary style. I don't think I've ever had two orgasms as fast in a row as I did right there, but I think Glen knew I was in such a state of ecstasy that I'd let him do anything he wanted to me. It was almost like a dream, but suddenly he had a tube of lubricant and was probing my ass with a well-lubricated finger. He hadn't said a word and I had no idea where the lube came from. I tried not to smile but I couldn't help it when I thought of Angela saying that I turned all men into filthy anal freaks. Still without saying anything he helped me bend over the railing of his balcony and then slowly entered my smallest hole with his cock. He started off very slow, even stopping every inch or so to let me relax and get used to the intrusion, but after a few minutes he was pumping my ass and pulling my hips with every thrust. He fucked me like that for about 10 minutes before he came and I felt his cock throb inside my butt. Usually guys aren't quite as rough when they're doing me in the ass and it scared me a little, but I didn't hate it. I could never imagine having an orgasm from anal sex, but it was a pleasurable experience overall, after which we had a shower together and I spent the night. In the morning I left before he woke up. It was embarrassing to see Angela the next day because I had to tell her all the details about my date. She kept bugging me and saying things to be funny, like, "Did he bugger you good?" "Did he pay a toll for the Hershey highway?" "Glen told me he was an astronaut, did he send a probe to Uranus?" When I wouldn't answer she started getting impatient saying, "did anything happen at all?" I had to tell her, and I remember saying in so many words, "He took me out for a burger and fucked me in the ass. It was a wonderful evening. Okay? Are you happy?" We had a very good laugh over it, but Angela seemed to be laughing a little bit harder than usual and I had to ask her, "What is it? What's so funny?" And that's when she said she had something to confess. It took some prodding, but she told me she'd set me up- that on her date with Glen she had told him all about our experiment and that if he wanted to fuck me in the ass I would be very willing. The little bitch! I couldn't believe she did that. I wasn't really mad at her or anything because it was kind of funny… but I felt embarrassed, especially thinking back to my date with Glen. He must have thought I was a total slut. It's a good thing I didn't intend to date him or anything. I was also a little upset our experiment was ruined, but we agreed to try it on a different guy- this time, I'm going first.

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