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by WindyD ©

I heard the water to the shower running. I decided to go into the bathroom to see what her plans for the rest of the day were. I was hoping they were to stay at home with me. I wanted to satisfy her in ever way that she wanted. I pushed the bathroom door open and announced it was me. She let out a little laugh and stated she knew who it was. I asked her of her plans for the day. She replied that she wanted to spend the day with me in town. For a moment my heart stopped but quickly started again once I heard the rest of her words. If only it was to stay home and not go to town. I wanted her in my mouth so badly. I wanted to feel her full breasts pressed against mine. To be able to slide my fingers into her tight pussy. To smell the sweetness of her juices. She broke into my thoughts and asked if I wanted to go with her. I thought about saying no; I just wanted to stay home. I wanted to spend the day in bed licking her wet pussy until it was dry. I heard myself telling her I would gladly join her in town. I could have slapped myself for being an idiot. Then she laughed again and said I better get in the shower so I could get ready. I stopped, thinking that what I heard was all in my head. Then the shower door opened. She looked at me as my eyes slowly glanced down her wet body. Once again, she broke my stare with her voice. ďAre you going to get in here or just let the floor get wet?" She smiled and licked her lips again. At that moment I could do nothing else but start to undress. My mouth watered at the sight of her smooth body. Her hard nipples seemed to be yelling for me to suck them. She looked gorgeous, wet, from head to toe. I wanted to get other parts of her body wet. I closed my eyes and placed my head under the water. The water felt good over my body. It was warm and smothered me in its embrace. My thoughts once again turned to the female form that I was sharing the shower with. I felt something touch my stomach. I opened my eyes and saw her smiling. "I thought I would help by washing your body while you wash your head." she said with a giggle. Her hands were soapy and smooth. She did not use a washcloth or shower sponge. Her touch made me long for her pussy to engulf my face. I leant my face back into the water. I hoped the water would help me not think of her, but it wasnít helping at all. Her touch was getting me wetter than the water from the shower. Suddenly I felt my body jump as her hand slipped across my pussy. "I am sorry. I didnít mean to startle you." she said gently. I smiled "It is alright. I just wasnít expecting that." I stepped out of the water to shampoo my hair. Her body brushed against mine as she moved under the water. I wanted to grab her and move her against me, feeling her heart beat with mine. I reached instead for the shampoo bottle. As I stood there washing my hair I could not help but stare at her wet pussy. It was well trimmed with only a small patch of hair on the pelvic bone. There was not one hair that touched the opening of her pussy and I could clearly see the plump lips. I turned my head as my own trimmed pussy began to throb with longing for her touch. I did not know how much longer I could handle looking at her firm breasts and trimmed pussy without licking some part of her wet body. I just wanted to touch her. I was done washing my hair and was waiting for her to finish in the water. At this point I just wanted out of the shower before I did something I might regret later. I found my hands rubbing my breast. My pussy wanted attention. I slid one hand between my legs just to relieve some of the sexual tension. My other hand was playing with my nipple as I slipped my fingers into my soaked pussy. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes in relief. Suddenly I felt another hand on my breast. I saw her face right in front of mine. She was within kissing distance of my lips. I could not help myself any longer and kissed her. Her tongue met mine as she grabbed my breast tighter in her hand. I drove my fingers deeper into my pussy wishing they were hers. She stopped kissing me, stopped rubbing my breast, and backed away. "Get rinsed off. Quickly get finished in here.Ē she stated in a very demanding tone. I stopped everything I was doing. I placed my tense body under the water. The sooner I rinsed off the sooner I was finished in the shower. She knew what I was hungry for. She knew I wanted her pussy deep onto my fingers and in my mouth. I was done. It seemed like hours but I knew it was only minutes after she had stepped out of the shower. I wrapped a towel around my head and quickly dried my body with another towel. As I walked into the room I saw her lying on the bed. She was completely naked. She was laying there with one hand on her breast and the other between her legs. My heart stopped and so did I. I could not believe she was laying there masturbating. Then I noticed it was not her fingers between her legs but my vibrator. I walked over to the edge of the bed and dropped my towels. I slowly climbed down onto the bed and moved her hand out of the way. I took control of the vibrator as I drove my face into her pussy. Her sweetness engulfed my taste buds. I sucked on her swollen clit as I worked the vibrator in and out of her pussy. I moved it slowly in circular movements then quickly slid it deep into her hot pussy. She climbed on top of me with a devilish grin on her face. She shoved her leg between my pussy lips and rubbed it vigorously against my clit. I could feel my juices making her leg almost as wet as my hot pussy. She pushed my breast together and took both nipples into her mouth. She began sucking on them as I began to thrust my pussy harder into her now soaked thigh. She slapped my hips so I would stop moving them. I looked at her as she smiled back at me with a mischievous look on her face. She moved her leg away from my hot pussy. I let out a soft sigh not knowing what was next. She pressed my breast together and began sucking on my nipples again. Suddenly she stopped and sat up quickly. "Did you hear that?Ē she asked. "Hear what?" I asked in return. "I guess it was nothing." she tells me. My whole attention was on her, not on some noise she thought she had heard in the house. I wanted her to continue what she was doing. She just sat there. Finally she looked toward me. She smiled her devilish smile again. Seeing her lick her lips made my longing pussy throb. Suddenly I felt her smooth hands sliding down the opening of my pussy. She gently slid her finger inside my pussy. I sighed deeply with final relief and closed my eyes. Next thing I knew I was feeling her hot breath on my clit. Finally I felt the warm of her mouth as she licked my clit. She slowly pulled my clit into her mouth as she slid her finger in and out of my soaked pussy. "Is anyone home?" a voice from the front, yelled. My heart stopped. She sat up straight with wide eyes. "Who is that?" she asked. "I donít know." I answered in return. "Hey honey, are you here?" as the voice came closer. It was my husband. I did not know what we were going to do. Suddenly we hear another voice. "Hey girls, where are you hiding?" The voice belonged to her husband that time. She jumped out of the bed and threw on her clothes. Hoping it was a bad dream, it took me a minute to move. Finally I jumped to my feet and went to the bathroom. Then I hear the door to the bedroom opening. My fun was over but my hormones were still racing. I wanted more and they were only home for lunch.

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