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Lynne On The Town
by whbonney

She continued to soap her body, and as she thought, her hand went to her pussy and she began to masturbate. At 38 she still had a good body, small breasts, wide hips that Johnny told her were "birthin' hips", a year around tan and her lips. Bill used to tell her she had cocksucker lips, and she made sure every man she was with knew that to be true. She loved to suck a man's cock, and often orgasmed just from preforming the act on men. As she masturbated, she thought about what she was going to do tonight. She planned to go downtown, find a nice lounge, and find some more cock. While she thought about this, her body trembled and she had her first orgasm of the new day. She finished the shower and went downstairs to get something to eat. She went into the den, and sat on the couch as she ate her toast. She had thought about having her tattoo surgically removed, but she had become used to it over the years, and didn't really mind it as much as she used to. She walked over to the mirror on the back of the closet door, and looked at it. I LOVE TO SUCK BLACK COCKS Actually she smiled because she knew it was true. She hadn't been with anyone but black men in almost 4 years, and their cocks seemed so smooth, large and tasty but most of all she loved the color. The darker the better, that was really true with Robbin last night he was so black. She fell asleep on the sofa and when she awoke, it was 7 PM so she decided to get ready and go out. She fixed her blonde hair, put makeup on, picked out a yellow shift that went to mid thigh and picked a pair of yellow thongs to wear. She had long ago stopped wearing a bra because she liked the feel and loved to watch men as they stared at her breasts because usually her nipples were hard as hell. She stayed horny most of the time. Finally she picked out a pair of yellow pumps that seemed to go with the outfit. She looked into the mirror and thought to herself, I am going to fucked again tonight, and smiled. She took her time as she drove downtown, and wondered who she would end up with tonight. When she got there she decided to park and walk down to River Street so she could go into the bars there. She saw Land's End, and decided to go in. She walked through the door and let her eyes scan the room, seems there were about 20 or 30 people there mostly military men from Ft. Jackson and all white. She thought a minute about leaving but decided to stay and have a glass of wine. She walked up to the bar, scooted onto a stool and told the bartender she would like a glass of Zinfandel, he brought her the glass, and asked if she was waiting for someone. She smiled and told him she might be, she would have to find out. Lynne looked around the room as she sipped her wine, guys were sitting at tables talking with each other, and a few couples were sitting together. One couple looked at her and smiled as she was looking over the room. She smiled back at them. The man looked like he was a business man by the way he dressed, and the woman dressed like the typical business wife, although you could see she was very cute black hair, and a nice figure. She had slender hips and fairly large breasts. Lynne thought they were probably a C or D cup, as she turned back to the bar and emptied her glass. She was about to leave when the male walked up and introduced himself as Rex and wondered if she would like to join him and his wife for a drink. Lynne told him "I would love to, but then I have to be going", she felt like telling him she needed to find someone and be laid before she went home. They went over to the table, and Rex introduced her to Jennifer and told her she was his wife and they were in town attending a conference. She noticed that she had been right about Jennifer because this close she looked wonderful with bright green eyes and full lips. Rex asked what Lynne would like to drink and she told him another glass of wine as he went to get them a drink. Lynne looked at Jennifer, and asked how she liked Savannah? Jennifer told her that it was nice, but during the day when Rex was at the conference attending meetings she was bored to death. Rex returned with the drinks and he sat down to talk. He mentioned that he thought Lynne was beautiful, and she told him that his wife was beautiful. Jennifer looked at Lynne and smiled, and told her thank you. They made small talk finally Lynne told them that she had to leave because she wanted a man for the evening. Jennifer laughed and asked her "Would you like to have my man?" Lynne looked at her and at Rex. "Are you serious?" she asked. Jennifer nodded, and Rex smiled at her. Lynne though a minute and asked Rex to get her another glass of wine. When he left, Lynne asked Jennifer where they were staying, and Jennifer told her they were at the Hilton. Lynne smiled to herself and thought she might see Robbin if they go to the Hilton, and told her she would love to go with them when she had finished her wine. When she had finished her wine, she asked where there car was, and Rex told her that they had taken a cab. She told them her car was in the parking lot next door and they could ride over together. They got to the car, and Jennifer slid into the seat next to Lynne, and her skirt slid up a bit to show off her legs. She must have panty hose on Lynne thought, but god her legs are beautiful. Lynne dress as always rode high on her thighs as she drove to the hotel. She looked down and sure enough she could see her panties but she didn't even try to pull her dress back down. After they had parked in the parking garage, as they went to the elevator Lynne walked next to Jennifer. Jennifer must have been 5'9" tall and was very well built. She looked as if she were about 36 or 38 C and had a very nice ass, she wondered if she were bisexual, and thought before too long she would find out. Rex was about 6'3" aroung 200 lbs and had a nice tight ass, she wondered to herself what his cock looked like, and she smiled. As they rode the elevator Rex told her that he loved blonde hair and petite women. Jennifer laughed at him, and told him that he should find a petite woman to stay with him then. Lynne was hoping that the elevator would stop and Robbin would enter, but no such thing happened. When the elevator stopped, they exited and went to their room. It was like the one she had been in last night, with out the beautiful black cocks she had become so used to. Jennifer closed the door and Rex excused himself to go to the bathroom. As soon as he left, Jennifer came over to her and put her arms around her as she pulled Lynne's face to hers. They kissed as Lynne began to rub Jennifer's ass, and Jennifer pulled at Lynne's dress pulling it up to show her ass cheeks. She grabbed Lynne's ass and pulled the cheeks apart as their tongues explored each other's mouth. Jennifer moaned and Lynne started to help her out of her clothes. Off came her blouse revealing a white bra with the hooks in the front. She unsnapped the bra and Jennifer shrugged her shoulders and the bra fell to the floor revealing two beautiful breasts that didn't even sag with aureoles the size of 50 cent pieces and nipples about ? inch long of a dark brown color. Lynne immediately took a nipple in her mouth and began to suck on it. Jennifer moaned and Lynne moved to the other nipple as she helped her out of her skirt, pantyhose and then her panties, which were also white. When she had done this, Lynne looked at Jennifer and told her she was beautiful. Her pussy sported a healthy growth of pubic hair and her clit could be seen peeking through. Her pubes like the hair on her head was jet black. Jennifer kicked off her shoes and led Lynne to the bed, she lay back and spread her legs which Lynne took as an invitation to eat her pussy. Lynne threw off her dress, stepped out of her shoes and pulled her thong down and tossed it aside, then stepped between Jennifer's legs and lay on the bed with her face at Jennifer's cunt. The smell of pussy filled her nose and she dove face first into her slit. Her tongue darted out and began to lick the lips and then flick at Jennifer's clit. Jennifer moaned and opened her legs even wider, and Lynne pushed deep into Jennifer's cunt, her tongue probing as deep as it would go. She felt Jennifer shudder and felt the first climax cascade through her body as her face grew wetter. Lynne heard Rex come into the room and announce "Fuck girls, couldn't wait for me?" Jennifer told him "Lynne was in a hurry to taste my pussy and after all she is our guest and I wanted to be polite." Lynne looked at Rex and told him "Come on Rex, I think we can handle you." Rex stripped out of his clothing and Lynne was happy to see a 10 inch cock swinging between his legs. Jennifer told him, "I think Lynne may have an opening for you baby" and Lynne brought her ass into the air, and her cunt gaped open as he looked. Rex asked Jennifer if she had seen Lynne's back, and Jennifer told him "No, what was it?" He asked Lynne to show Jennifer, and Lynne stood up and turned around, and Jennifer asked if that were true. Lynne said definitely it was as she dropped to her knees in front of Rex and took his cock in her mouth she told Jennifer, "This is the first white cock I have had in over three years" and she began to work Rex's cock. She sucked him for about 3 minutes and then turned back to Jennifer and dove back into her cunt. Jennifer got up from the bed and moved behind Lynne and began to lick her husband's cum from Lynne's well fucked ass, then she moved down to her pussy and told her to turn over. Lynne did exactly this and lay back with her legs spread wide. Jennifer scooted around so her pussy was over Lynne's face and they began to lick each others pussy's. Rex had recovered, and went to the head of the bead and got behind his wife. He moved closer, and Lynne watched him as he positioned his cock at her asshole his balls lay on her forehead and she licked deeply into Jennifer's cunt. She watched as Rex pushed into his wife's asshole and began to fuck her. Jennifer moaned into Lynne's pussy and tongued her clit rapidly. Rex pulled his cock from Jennifer's ass and put the head between Lynne's nose and his wife's pussy, Lynne moved a bit as she watched his cock slide into Jennifer's pussy and felt his balls slap her face as he fucked her. He started to pick up the motion and Jennifer slid her tongue deep into Lynne's cunt and both Lynne and Jennifer orgasmed. Rex announced that he was going to cum and pulled out a little leaving just the head of his cock in Jennifer's pussy as he came. Lynne lay and the cum began to leak from Jennifer onto her lips and chin and she started to clean them both up. As he pulled free from Jennifer, Lynne took his cock deep into her mouth tasting the mixture of Jennifer's pussy and ass and also the beautiful cum from his cock. She sucked him for the next 5 minutes, savoring the tastes in her mouth. They all snuggled together and Lynne kissed them both goodnight as they fell asleep.

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