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Matthew & Suzanne Enjoy Life
by Matt&Suz

The couple straightened themselves quickly, and smiled at each other over getting caught. Once they reached their room, Matthew slipped Suzanne's short dress off quickly and removed her lacy bra. He kissed her lips passionately and lowered his mouth to her hardened nipples. She moaned softly as he nibbled on first one and then the other large nipple. He kissed his way down her smooth stomach to her navel and began to tongue it gently. His hands slowly slid her panties down her legs. He lowered his mouth to her shaved mound and licked her wet lips. She shuddered with excitement and tightened her fingers in his short hair. He raised her left leg over his shoulder and began to suck on her throbbing clit. He slid two fingers slowly into her wanting pussy. She moaned louder and begged him to suck her clit. She could barely stand up as he worked her ever closer to her first orgasm of the night. Just as she was about to explode, Matthew withdrew his fingers and his tongue; he carried her to the bed and lowered her onto her back. He moved in between her legs and entered her in one smooth stroke. She exploded immediately. He slowly moved in and out of her as she continued to shake. He kissed her softly and she opened her eyes to gaze into his blue eyes. He couldn't help but think how lucky he was. A big smile spread across Suzanne's face and she flipped them both over so she was riding his ever-hardening cock. She was an expert at this. She knew how to bring him to the edge and then hold him there. He reached up and massaged her beautiful tits. They continued making love alternating between lust filled deep strokes, and slow passionate strokes. They kissed deeply as Matthew thrust one final time deeply inside her and came harder than he could ever remember. This triggered Suzanne's orgasm and she collapsed into his arms. They shook together as they held each other tightly. The next day the couple spent some time in the casino at their hotel. They played some slots, had a nice lunch and then went for a walk. After eating dinner at Caesar's Palace, they returned to their hotel to play some blackjack. Matthew loved to play blackjack, he could sit at a table for hours. Suzanne sat with him for a while and then played some nearby slot machines. They had both enjoyed a few cocktails during the day and were feeling pretty good. As usual, Suzanne looked very good in her tight shorts and baby-doll T-shirt. She was sitting at a slot machine when a good-looking guy sat down beside her, and began to talk to her. She was friendly and chatted with him. She finally looked him in the face and realized it was one of the guys that had walked into the elevator the day before. She blushed slightly but continued to talk to him. She noticed that every time she looked over at him he was staring at her body. It made her a little uncomfortable, but was also beginning to make her very horny. She excused herself and went to where Matthew was sitting. She walked up behind him and pushed her large breasts into his back as she kissed his neck. He knew she was ready to go up to their room, but he was doing very well at the table. He asked if she would wait a little longer and she whispered into his ear about the guy from the elevator. He smiled widely and told her to go back and talk with him some more. She smiled back and kissed him deeply before returning to where the guy was sitting. He smiled when he saw her and watched her cute round ass sit on the seat next to him. She knew what she was doing as she brushed her soft leg against him and flirted openly. She was getting hotter by the minute. Just as he was beginning to rub her leg, Matthew walked up. Suzanne looked at him in shock not know how he would react to this guys hand rubbing her thighs. Matthew just smiled and asked if he wanted to have a drink in their room. He accepted but said he was in the casino with his other friend. Suzanne jumped in and said bring him up too. They found his friend and headed upstairs. As they were riding the elevator, Suzanne cornered Matthew and kissed him deeply. They exited the elevator and entered their room. Matthew offered the guys a beer and they sat down to relax. Suzanne and Matthew sat on the bed and chatted with the two guys. The found out they were students at Arizona State and were down for a couple days with some friends. Their names were John and Tom. Suzanne began to kiss Matthew's neck and he turns to kiss her lips deeply. Matthew looks over at Tom and John and sees them looking at Suzanne's large breasts. He begins to rub her nipples through her shirt and they harden immediately. Matthew stops kissing Suzanne and asks the guys if they would like to see her beautiful tits. The question isn't even out of his mouth before they both almost scream YES! Suzanne looks at Matthew and smiles as she removes her shirt and then her bra. Tom and John's eyes are popping out of their heads as they see the dark tan lines that reveal the most beautiful set of tits they have ever seen. Her nipples are hard, and her smile is genuine as she enjoys the stares from these two young studs. She stands and removes her shorts. As she reveals her blue lace panties, the two guys are reaching for her body. She stops them, and says that they can watch but can't touch yet. The both smile noticing she said "yet". Suzanne drops to her knees and begins to unzip Matthew's shorts. He raises up to allow her to remove them along with his boxers. He removes his shirt and Suzanne begins to lick the head of his beautiful cock. She loves to lick and suck his hard cock, and an audience is making it even hotter. Matthew lays back and looks down into Suzanne's eyes. She looks at him with her loving eyes, but there is something more in them. LUST! She is working overtime at putting on a show. She is bent over the bed with her cute ass sticking up in the air, and her little lace panties are doing little to hide her wet pussy. She looks back at Tom and John and tells them to pull out their cocks for her. Then she climbs up Matthew's legs and slides her panties aside as she lowers herself slowly onto his stiff rod. Matthew moans at the feel of her very wet pussy engulfing his cock. She puts her nipples into his mouth and tells him to bit them. She is panting as she finally gets what she has wanted all night. The fuck with more intensity than they ever have and it doesn't take long for them to explode in a mutual orgasm. As they come back to reality, they see Tom and John with their hard cocks in hand. Suzanne smiles down at Matthew and he smiles back. She climbs off of him and asks which one wants a blowjob. They both say "ME" and she says that since John said it first, that he gets his cock sucked. Tom looks disappointed until she tells him that means he gets to fuck her. She gets up on all fours and they scramble to the bed and take their positions. Matthew slips off of the bed and sits back in a chair. He enjoys watching Suzanne service these two men. She looks into his eyes with a smile in hers and all he can do is smile ear to ear. Soon John announces he is going to cum and shoots into her mouth. Suzanne tells Tom to lay down and she mounts him. She rides him for a few minutes and then looks back at Matthew who is hard again. She tells him to come over and begins to suck his cock again. After it is good and wet, he moves behind her and she bends over Tom and smashes her large breasts into his chest. Matthew lines his hard cock up to her tiny ass and pushes gently. She wants it badly and pushes back against him. He pushes a little harder and enters her fully. It is a strange feeling for both of them. They have done this before, but never with another cock in her pussy. She begins to set a rhythm and they alternate pushing into her pussy and then her ass. She is in heaven and builds very quickly to another orgasm. As she begins to peak, Tom cums inside her and makes her orgasm twice as intense. Matthew continues to thrust into her harder and harder and just as Suzanne is beginning to calm down, he lets loose inside her ass. This triggers another orgasm before the other had finished and Suzanne is convulsing with pleasure. John and Tom quickly slip out of the room and Matthew and Suzanne fall asleep holding each other tightly. The next morning, Matthew wakes up to Suzanne sucking lovingly on his rigid pole. He looks up, smiles at her and then lays back and enjoys her wonderful mouth. It seems to go on for hours, and he loves every minute of it. Soon he is shooting his cum into her warm mouth. She licks her lips and slides up to hold him. He loves the feel of her breast on his chest. Soon she throws a leg over him and he rolls her over and goes down to her sweet pussy. He kisses every inch around her pussy lips and she begs him to suck her clit. He slides two fingers into her and nibbles on her clit. He alternates between licking as deeply inside her as he can, and kissing her clit. Before long she explodes into a wonderful orgasm. The fall back to sleep in each other's arms. They wake and get ready to head to the airport. They sigh and realize it is time to head back to reality.

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